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Todays industrial producers are pushing to increase production speed and product quality with both existing and new equipment, tools, and process engineering. APT’s technological developments and emphasis on each customer’s specific needs translate to significant improvements & process optimization. This allows for your company to quickly scale.

We take emense pride in not only providing the tangible resources and tools needed but also the know-how and guidance. Our favorite part of the industry is passing along our wisdom and infectious drive to learn. APT is so much more than the products we provide…

About us
About us
About us
About us
  • We believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently
  • Every customer has unique needs that require a curated approach
  • Optimization through innovation is a never ending endeavour
About us

Unconventional Rules for success

If anything can go wrong, fix it!
(To hell with Murphy!)

When given a choice, take both.

Multiple projects lead to multiple successes.

Start at the top and work your way up.

Do it by the book… but be the author.

If you can’t beat them, join them, and then beat them.

If it’s worth doing, it’s got to be done now!

APT Partnerships


APT-Wesero  has been designing and manufacturing precision grinding machines for over 60 years. The leading supplier of machines and processes for mechanical and chemical surface treatment. Our first precision grinding machine was for rubber to be used for the soles of shoes. Since then the equipment has evolved from sanding and grinding textiles, carbon fiber sheets, and rubber timing belts, to large flat metal strip brush scrubbers to complete strip and sheet process cleaning lines for steel, stainless steel, special alloys, copper & copper alloys, aluminum mills.

  • . brushing
  • . cleaning
  • . high – pressure cleaning
  • . ultrasound cleaning
  • . degreasing
  • . pickling
  • . etching
  • . medium processing filter/environment technology
  • . grinding
  • . continuous annealing for plate and strip material Cu, MS, Fe, special steel, Al and alloys, printed boards, multilayer, ceramic substrate, rubber, plastics, textiles…

APT-FALCONBRITE is one of the leading know-how carriers in the field of abrasive non-woven products. APT-FALCONBRITE is an extension of Atlantech Process Technology, a company started by Hans-H. Thiemann and his associates. Our products are manufactured in a ‘state of the art’ facility in Iserlohn, Germany using the industry’s broadest range of materials. Our strict quality assurance guidelines are aligned and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality and value of product performance to our customers.

With more than 70 years of experience and our team has been able to gain profound knowledge and experience in various industrial markets, and numerous applications.

With a focus on effective problem solutions, these many years of experience form the ability to design and build the high quality precision brushes for surface treatment with abrasive and flexible non wovens, tailored to your application wants and needs.


We manufacture bristle brushes for greater productivity, reliability and economy across wide-ranging processes, with highly efficient application solutions which are fit for the future.


Inventiveness goes hand in hand with technical know-how in the development of abrasive and non-abrasive bristle brushes. There are no applications for which we cannot find the correct brush, through our technical knowledge and innovative thinking, we are able to offer the most appropriate product for almost every industry and for most applications. APT-Bristle Select offers exactly the right brush to address customer specific industrial applications in every sector – through to individual one-off solutions.

For us, quality and reliability come as standard, guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Our strict quality assurance guidelines are aligned and certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This ensures that only high quality products are supplied for your use.


APT-Roll Select is dedicated design and manufacturing facility builds customized rollers, shafts, journals and components for the metal coil and rolling mill industry. Our rolls provide consistent results in the most demanding applications where longevity, chemical, acid and heat resistance, high tension and dependability are critical.


. Providing solutions for the most demanding environments

. Our goal is to exceed your expectations

. Custom compounded roll covers designed for your specific application

. Generic coverings may be okay for others – NOT US!

. Specializing in knowledge & use of targeted additives to strengthen & enhance our coverings

. We take pride in our continuous development work!

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