APT’s dedication to innovative design and manufacturing, offers customized Roll Covers, Shafts and components for all metal producers.

APT provides consistent results for the most demanding applications, where longevity, chemical, heat, tension, and dependable Roll Covers are critical.

Non-Woven & Rubber Rolls

If you are looking for the best industrial roll to optimize your specific application, you should call us!


  • Long Life
  • Cut Resistant
  • Improves Fluid Control
  • High Coefficient of Friction
  • Self Healing
  • Uniform Wringing
  • Custom Engineered


  • More uptime
  • Increase line speed and productivity
  • Reduce chemical cost
  • Improves process quality and control
  • Maintain integrity of process fluid
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Fewer defects on coil surface
  • Providing solutions for the most demanding environments in:
  • Custom compounded roll covers designed for your specific application
  • Specialized in the use of targeted chemical additives to strengthen & enhance our coverings
  • Continuous research & development application / solution
Traditionally, rubber and urethane covers on rollers were used to handle the strip, sheet, and plate material through the process line or machine. Learn More
Non-Woven Mill Rolls

Non-Woven Mill Rolls

Generic coverings may be okay for others – NOT US! APT supplies rubber, urethane, and silicon rolls for many applications including: rolling mills, coil processing, light... Learn More
Rubber Cover Rolls

Rubber Cover Rolls

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