APT builds both complete and modular cleaning section process equipment.

Higher Performance Strip Dryer Compact

This unit, built with strong, welded steel construction, operates in recirculation. The system functions without heat elements; rather, the air is heated through static compression.
The air inlet before the filter allows for adjustable fresh air volume.

Features of air knives:

  • . V-jet configuration with edge blow-off
  • . Coated with Teflon-like material to avoid strip surface scratches
  • . Vertically adjustable from the pass line.
  • . The gap on the air knives is also adjustable

For service and inspection, the drier is opened with 2 hinged doors on the front. The unit is sound and heat insulted, requiring a low temperature rise in heated air.

Wringer Roll Set

These are built in heavy welded stainless steel construction with top and bottom wringer rolls. The design allows for quick roll changes. The lower roll has fixed bearing and can be pulled out through the side. The top roll lifts off vertically, allowing the strip to remain in position.

A set of Wringer Rolls, consisting of two rolls, is mounted in a heavy stainless steel frame. The upper roll is pneumatically lifted. The lower roll is fixed. Both rolls are removed through the side of the frame. A VFQ motor drives the lower roll, of which the diameter is 8 inches.

Double Wringer Roll Set

This unit is designed for a rubber wringer set, followed by a non-woven wringer set. The lower rolls are driven. In order the keep the roll surfaces wet, the top and bottom non-woven rolls have irrigation bars operated by remote valves.

Features include:

  • . When mounted, stands as a separate, stable frame of stainless steel
  • . A similar frame design to the squeegee roller frame, which accommodates the screw jacks’ retrofit
  • . The upper shaft, on each side, is fitted with a pneumatic cylinder, allowing a pressure range up to 120 psi
  • . A pneumatic quick-lift up for the leading strip edge when the strip joint/stitch comes through the line
  • . Side removal of the top and bottom wringer rolls
  • . A driven bottom roller.
Sword Brush Bridle Roll Face Cleaning Unit

The Sword Brush BIXV 51.. has a vertical suction connection facing upwards and is ideal to clean flat surfaces such as furniture and plastic boards, metal blanks, conveyor belts or deviation rollers. The brush filaments are micro-moistened with the antistatic clea ing agent and may thus thoroughly remove even the most tiniest dust particles. An integrated pressure buffer provides for a co stant wiping force and ensures effective cleaning results even with slightly uneven surfaces.

DI - Water Rinse Unit

The complete stainless steel cold water rinse unit works in recirculation. It includes a water reservoir and pump, as well as make-up water connection and dry run protection for the pump. The rinse unit has a conductivity monitor and controller. It adds DI – water automatically.


The Decoiler consists of a mandrel with a new pneumatic PNDUM, TIC, pneumatically controlled, as well as a controlled down-hold roll paper, up-corner, and a traverse table to pass the strip to the welding position. The uncoiled has a center control guide.


After the strip is fastened to the core, the down hold roll retracts, and the line can be switched to automatic mode. The up-coiler is fitted with an edge guide system to assure edge-on-edge up- coiling.

A paper interleaf feed is provided. A provided two-arm turnstile accepts a finished coil, and rotates to a free arm position toward the up-coiler. The finished coil is pushed off the mandrel by a stripper plate on the turnstile arm.


This Spot Welding Machine with holdout table is programmable to the number of welds per inch and the number of weld rows.

Pinch & Support Roll

The Pinch Rollers consist of a steel frame with two rolls. The upper roll is lifted by a pneumatic up, by means of pneumatic cylinders. The lower roll diameter is 16” and the upper roll diameter is 18” The bottom is driven. Both rolls are rubber-covered.

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