Toothed belt and drive belt grinding machines for grinding toothed belts with widths of approx. 1000 mm which are then cut, automotive and machine industry. This series of machines is designed to grind the thickness of a master belt before slitting.

Grinding machines overview

Precision Grinding & Buffing machines:

. Precision Thickness Reduction

. Surface-roughening to enhance adhesive properties

Production of decorative film & laminates

  • . Rubber
  • . Thermoplastics
  • . Phenolic
  • . Melamine
  • . Epoxy resin
  • . Fiber glass based laminates
  • . Fabrics
  • . Imitation leather
  • . Fleece
  • . Textiles

About Precision Grinding & Buffing machines:

  • . Easy Access to working compartments and grinding drum
  • . Small Foot Print / Minimum space requirements
  • . Design available with grinding roller either above or below work piece, or two grinding rollers acting above and below the pass line with power conveyed operation
  • . Nominal operating width up to 2000 mm
  • . Reversible conveyor drive system
  • . Special construction available for the processing of very thin, flexible, materials
  • . For thin, flexible materials, the web is directed over and around a roller in a wide, adjustable arc against the grinding roller
  • . Removal and discharge of grinding dust

About The Grinding Drum:

  • . Greatest possible operational smoothness by a dynamically balanced grinding rollers
  • . Specially developed system for quickly changing and tensioning the abrasive web by using rotatable spring-loaded tension heads
  • . By this means the abrasive web is constantly held in tension during normal grinding operations
  • . The grinding drum consists of a precision body, dynamically balanced, internally water-cooled, and with an os cillation device. Fitted on both sides with automatic abrasive paper equipment which enables paper to be re placed quickly
  • . When grinding heat sensitive material, the drum is water cooled
  • . Grinding depth is 0.004”

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