These deburring tools consist of abrasive cloth, which is anchored in a star shape to a support tube. These highly flexible and variable brushes are particularly suitable for removing punching and laser burrs as well as burrs caused by plasma or flame cutting. The star shaped arranged slotted abrasive cloth ensures optimum adaptation of the tool to the workpiece. By using different qualities of abrasive cloth it is possible to adapt the tools optimally to the customer’s requirements.


  • Star-shaped arranged FALCONBRITE
  • Various hardnesses
  • Various degrees of grit size and various grain types
  • No additional impregnation
  • No clogging of the tool surface
  • Flexibility adjustable
  • Profileable
  • Balanced
  • Reproducible surfaces


  • Removal of burr for plasma cutting
  • Removal of burr for laser cutting
  • Removal of punching and firing burrs with defined edge rounding
Hardness (relative hardness)
Super Soft Brush
Grit Size

All grit sizes available on request.

Standard Dimensions in Millimeters
Super Soft Brush
Standard Dimensions in Inches
Super Soft Brush
Super Soft Brush
Super Soft Brush
Super Soft Brush
Safety Instructions
Super Soft Brush
Please wear suitable hearing protection
Super Soft Brush
Please wear suitable eye protection glasses
Super Soft Brush
Please wear suitable gloves
Super Soft Brush
Please wear suitable dust mask!

We supply suitable flanges made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, PVC, cork and MDF (also according to drawing).

Cutting Speeds
Super Soft Brush

Please do not exceed the maximum cutting speed on the products under any circumstances

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