These products consist of a non-woven abrasive fleece arranged in a star shape which is anchored to a support tube. In addition it is permeated with an open structure and wear-resistant liquid-impregnation. These adaptable and flexible brushes achieve a uniform line pattern for technical applications, for cleaning, light deburring work and decorative finishes. The hardness depends on the number of flaps applied. Flap brushes and flap rollers are available in all grain sizes, grain types, dimensions and hardnesses.


  • Star-shaped arranged FALCONBRITE
  • Various hardnesses and grain types
  • Temperature resistant duroplast impregnation
  • Also available as longlife impregnation
  • High micro-accuracy
  • Free of vibration
  • Open structure


  • Effective removal of corrosion, burrs, dirt
  • Decorative, even surface finish with a defined roughness depth, e.g. stainless steel, copper and brass
  • Removal of punching and firing burrs with defined edge rounding
  • Matting and satinizing various metal and plastic parts
  • Descaling flame cuts
  • Easy deburring
  • Finishing
Hardness (relative hardness)
Flap Brush
Grit Size
Flap Brush
Standard Dimensions in Millimeters
Flap Brush
Standard Dimensions in Inches
Flap Brush
Flap Brush
Flap Brush
Flap Brush
Safety Instructions
Flap Brush
Please wear suitable hearing protection
Flap Brush
Please wear suitable eye protection glasses
Flap Brush
Please wear suitable gloves
Flap Brush
Please wear suitable dust mask!

We supply suitable flanges made of aluminium, steel, stainless steel, PVC, cork and MDF (also according to drawing).

Cutting Speeds
Flap Brush

Please do not exceed the maximum cutting speed on the products under any circumstances

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