Our roller brushes are supplied with a fill surface perfectly trimmed and/or ground for concentricity. A perfect attachment of the coils on the roller core is guaranteed by the pressure or mounting ring system, also available with removable balancing weights, which prevents the brush coil from rotating on the core.

Also available is a simpler fastening of the brush coil onto the core, (i. e. without mounting rings but by spot-welding the helixes at each end of the brush core.) Almost all fill material qualities can be used. The maximum wire or filament diameters are mentioned in the table showing the various inside or core diameters of spiral brushes.

APT Roller Brushes are extremely flexible in their dimension and depending on the required performance these endless spiral brush coils are mounted on core systems made of mild steel, stainless steel or non ferrous metals.Compared with other brush designs we can reach the highest possible fill density with these types

In order to obtain our world renowned wire quality, we are always in touch with internationally chosen wire manufacturers and thus are in the position to offer you a wide variety of wire qualities for all kinds of applications.
The most important characteristic for the quality of brush wires is:

TENSILE STRENGTH, which determines:

  • . Abrasion proof
  • . Hardness
  • . Cutting duty

The list below details the wire qualities that APT uses:

Wire Brush Filament
Wire Brush Filament
Wire Brush Filament
Wire Brush Filament
Wire Brush Filament
Wire Brush Filament
Wire Brush Filament
Wire Brush Filament

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