Have you noticed all the changes in our industry?


Our industry has exploded in recent years--from huge technological improvements in wide-face brush machines to seemingly endless options for abrasive grit on brushes. Remember when we had only a few options for grit—Coarse, Medium, Fine, Ultra Fine? Now, APT can customize the grit for whatever job you need …  customize your brush, to your process, so you know you’ll get the outcome your customer wants to pay for!

Today we have 18 different non-woven webbings! Why 18? Because what works best on copper may not work well on stainless. So, we developed tools with different parameters to optimize the performance of the materials they are used on. That means the finish can come out to your expectations–and your customers’–every time!

While your competition keeps struggling to get results with a few standard products, you’ll have a tool built specific to your needs.

We’ve also seen HUGE changes in how QUICKLY wide-face brushes are changed. It’s so much more efficient and saves so much manpower! Seriously, do you remember when it would take 2 men over 4 hours to change a brush?

The technology of today’s machines makes brush changes possible in 5-15 MINUTES! AND it takes only ONE person!!


Want to see it? Let me show you a video of a wide-face brush change! This isn’t available to the public, so you can’t see it without this link. But when you’re READY to watch it, prepare yourself to be amazed! (Also, turn up the volume, because I had our team add some rockin’  background music.) 

Seriously–go look at this!


What about those brushes?

Change is awesome, isn’t it? We think so! And the changes we’re seeing make our job a lot easier–whether that means better results from customizable grit or from a brand-new amazing machine!

If you’re in the market for new brushes—with customizable grit—or a new brush scrubber machine that saves you time and money, call APT. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll build it for you.

Take a look! Just click on the link and you can view our brochures right here!