How to Do Both Sides in One Pass

Good Day to you folks, 

Thank you for taking a minute to check out a video of a new machine we build. This machine is for small parts deburring, but please keep in mind that we make similar machines for large part cleaning/degressing, polishing, and deburring. We also make these machines for sheet and plate. As we get over 36” wide, we have to go to our Type PB or BM Design which is double bearing. All have quick-change capabilities, but check out our video on In-Process Brush dressing. You may not need to use the quick change as much anymore. 

So here we have a 4 head brush machine that is able to clean, polish, and deburr in one pass by utilizing the wide face abrasive brushes on the top and bottom. This machine also had a  requirement to process flat metal parts up to 6” small with precision.  


This machine has 2 different processes. 90% of these customer’s pieces are water jet cut.  Therefore the edges and holes are not too rough. We designed a series of 4 brushes to deliver the exact cleaning and finishing surface this customer requires on every part to ISO9000 and aerospace standards. In this process mode we have a series of 4 brushes, 2 top, 2 bottoms that first clean and then polish the small parts. They then go through a wash/rinse section, and into a  dryer and come out bone dry. This is a wet brushing process and the unit is entirely self-contained with a recirculating filtration system. 

Watch the 2-minute brush change on this machine here 


The second mode for this machine is for the other 10% of parts made that are laser cut. These things have some nasty burrs. Ill attached some pictures so you know what I’m taking about. For this application, we again designed some very hard, very coarse, very tough wide face abrasive brushes to smooth out these laser-cut burrs. We do that with station one and two in this machine. We then designed some brushes that finish off, polish, rinse and dry, the rest of the aerospace small parts.  

I would like to add that we build smart machines. And we can build just about anything you can concept. But these things cost a bit of money and eventually, the bean counters and suits won’t let us have what we really want. So was the case with this machine. You will see brush adjustment wheels at the top. These are manual. We can make them automatic, self-controlling,  and sending you all the information WIFI to your iPad while you are sitting on the beach,  drinking a mojito. if you would like.