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Hello, my name is David Thiemann and I am a Director at APT. We are a manufacture of wide face non-woven abrasive brushes, cleaning section process equipment, and customized brush machines for metal surface cleaning, degreasing, deoxidizing, descaling, and finishing flat metal strip, sheet, plate, and large and small parts.

Today we’d like to ask the questions to you, the galvanizers producing galvanized steel strip, sheet, and plate.

How much is an ultra clean steel surface, prior to galvanizing, worth to you? What is the value of a clean steel surface?

The value of a clean steel surface to a galvanizing line depends on several factors including:

    • the size and condition of the steel surface, 
    • the type of galvanizing process being used
    • the market demand for galvanized steel. 

Generally, a clean steel surface is essential for achieving a high-quality galvanized coating with good adhesion and uniform coverage.

Brush Machine for surface cleaning steel strip

How clean are you currently getting your steel strip? How clean would you like it to be?

In the galvanizing industry, the cost of surface preparation, which includes cleaning and pre-treatment of the steel surface, is typically considered as part of the overall production cost. The cost of surface preparation can vary depending on the size and complexity of the steel structure, the type of contaminants on the steel surface, and the required level of surface cleanliness. 

Surface preparation methods may include mechanical strip cleaning and chemical strip cleaning. 

Examples of mechanical cleaning strip surface would be using abrasive industrial bristle brushes and non-woven abrasive brushes. Another way of mechanical cleaning is using shot blasting or abrasive blasting.

Examples of chemical cleaning using caustic alkali spray and dunk tanks for degreasing and removing oils and hydrocarbons, along with pickling and using acid to soften up the oxidizes and scale on the strip surface.

Usually a combination of both mechanical and chemical cleaning are used in the cleaning sections of metal strip process lines.  

Galvanized  Strip cleaning section equipment

Why is a clean steel surface prior to galvanizing important?

A clean steel surface is important because it helps ensure proper zinc coating adhesion and uniformity, which are critical for the performance and longevity of the galvanized steel. A poorly cleaned or contaminated steel surface may result in inadequate coating adhesion, uneven coating thickness, or coating defects, which can reduce the quality and durability of the final galvanized product.

What are the cost savings of producing clean steel strip?

The value of a clean steel surface to a galvanizing line can be assessed in terms of the potential cost savings from:

    • Reduced coating defects, 
    • Increased production efficiency
    • Improved product quality. 

It can also impact the market demand for the galvanized steel product, as customers may be willing to pay a premium for high-quality, defect-free galvanized steel.

What is the conclusion?

In summary, while it may be challenging to assign a specific monetary value to a clean steel surface in the context of a galvanizing line, it is considered essential for producing high-quality galvanized steel and can impact production costs, product quality, and market demand. Proper surface preparation, including achieving a clean steel surface, is a critical step in the galvanizing process and is typically considered an important investment for galvanizers.

We here at APT focus solely on the cleaning section process and have a team of knowledgeable and experienced people available to you, for consultation on state-or-the-art process technology and tools to optimize your process line surface cleaning capabilities!

Please give us a call anytime to discuss your application and parameters.

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David Thiemann 

Clean galvanized strip surface