For Metal Strip Producers Looking to Optimize the Surface Cleanliness in Their Metal Strip Cleaning Section Process

Abrasive bristle scrubber brushes for surface cleaning flat metal


Wide-face Abrasive and Non-Abrasive Bristle Brushes in Your Cleaning Section 

  • With both abrasive and non-abrasive Bristle Brushes, increasing the stiffness of the brush improves efficiency in your alkali and rinse sections, because the resistance to bending (Bristle elasticity) is increased.
  •  Longer bristles are not the answer to longer life. Bristle stiffness and density are the two parameters to consider first.

Falkenrich scotchbrite nonwoven brush for metal strip cleaning


Wide-face Abrasive, Non-woven Brushes 

  • On high-strength steel, the challenge is to prepare the surface of certain alloys for subsequent coatings. For those applications, APT has a family of Non-Woven products.
  • Along with the in-process brush dressing designed into our machines, we have designed non-woven brushes and impregnations that have drastically increased the life and aggressiveness of the brushes.


Brush Machines and Process Machines in Your Cleaning Line 

  • When higher line speeds are desired, the next change would be to change the RPM.
  • In-Process Brush Dressing is now built into everyone of our machines. What does this mean for you?You now have to change a brush only once–at the end of its usability! Gone are the days of brush dressing. (We’ve got video of this that’s being edited, but we’ll be uploading soon!)


Atlantech Process Technology, INC., is the industry leader in wide-face brushes and brush machines for the steel industry. Our next-generation brushes and machines use materials and technology that set the standard for productivity and precision.