(without using a scraper or a blanket)


Good morning,

I’ve been on the road visiting various galvanizing lines, and I’ve noticed a common problem. People are having a hard time keeping APC tower rolls clean. I want to let you know Atlantech Process has a solution.

But first, let’s talk about the problem.


After passing through a zinc pot,  just-coated strip often has solidified zinc particles partially adhering to the strip. If the particles fall on to the APC roll, they create dimples on the strip at every revolution, a situation we all dread.

Some lines use scrapers to clean the zinc particles, but these only work for a short time and require maintenance and frequent adjustments.

The other option is to use sleeves, but these have limited ability to displace zinc particles. Plus sleeves are costly and require a lot of maintenance.

Atlantech Process has a solution.



     We use precision wire brushes that oscillate to remove debris particles. Our unit delivers defect-free strip without using sleeves and scrapers. 

But there’s more. Our brushes work both on cylinder rolls and on barrel-shaped rolls.

Atlantech Process has engineered a concave-barrel brush that contours to the cylinder. And it works the way it should right out of the box–waiting for the brush to form to the barrel is a thing of the past.


Brush alignment is adjustable for full-face contact from brush to roll.

Brush diameter is displayed to keep track of the remaining brush life.

The system we provide has all power and control elements needed to interface to your master control.



     To keep the tower rolls clean in the Hot Dip Galvanizing, Galvanneal, and Galvalume process, we use an APC brush unit with a rotary wire brush. This oscillation system continuously removes zinc particles and debris from the roll. And, because it’s encloseed, it catches and contains debris. A pull-out pan and hinged cover make cleaning and brush changes easy while keeping OSHA happy.

 The result is the roll remains free of debris—and your strip is finished without defect.

     Watch the videoto see what I mean.



Keep turn rolls clean and improve the quality of your strip just by replacing the brushes in your current equipment. But for the best results, contact us to learn how to switch to a fully optimized system that interfaces with your master control.

We’ve heard great feedback on the results of our APC tower brush unit. Call David at 816-382-9150 to learn more or email him at dthiemann@atlantechprocess.com.


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