“Big improvements are rarely done by a single act or change, but rather the result of small steps taken consistently.”

This wisdom applies to many facets of life, but since APT is in the business of process line improvement, we will apply this wisdom to brush scrubber calibration. The calibration of your brushes should be completed before any production, as part of getting the scrubber ready to do its job.

A variable (small step) in mechanical cleaning and finishing of flat metal strip surfaces removing oil, smut, and iron fines is to consistently have a known amount of pressure, evenly across the width, of the metal in process. This is governed by the brush and backup roll axis being parallel to each other. You can use a level as a means to check this quickly.

  • When using abrasive and non-abrasive industrial bristle brushes we have a max compression of 3mm.
  • When using a wide face abrasive non-woven (scotchbrite™) type brush for metal surface cleaning, deburring, and finishing, you want to find the minimum amount of pressure to get the job done.