Hot Dip Galvanizing Tower Turn Roll Cleaning

By Means of Brush Machine Mechanical Cleaning


After passing through the zinc pot, the just coated strip surface has solidified zinc particles partially adhering to its surface.

Should they transfer onto the tower roll and adhere to the roll surface, defects on the strip occur on every revolution.


Methods Used in the Past:

  • Scrapers – work for a while but require maintenance attention and frequent adjustments.
  • Kevlar Sleeves – limiting effect to displace zinc particles and are also maintenance intensive.


APC Tower Brush Cleaning Machine Overview:

The rotary wire brush, with an oscillation system offers a reliable, automated, continuous roll cleaning process. For those of you looking for a sound solution, the APT Tower Roll Cleaning Machines maybe of interest to you for these reasons:

– Direct Rotary Wire Brush contacting the roll surface removing debris and aided by an oscillation system on the brush, that can be turned on and off. Continuous brush adjustment to keep the cleaning process in balance.


– For those tower rolls that are crowned, we provide brushes shaped to the form of the roll. This may have been a reason for why such a system has not been used in the past.

  • A full housing of clam-shell design retains debris and is easily accessible for cleaning.
  • The brush contact to the roll is PLC controlled, to maintain uniform pressure on the roll and compensate for wear.


– The brush control system for this unit is complete with the program and ready for integration into your line control system. The control system has a local HMI for maintenance purposes located near the machine and another HMI to be located in the mainline control room.