Adjust the brush you have, for what it is capable of doing.

This blog post is designed to give you value and tips for optimizing your current metal strip cleaning process, without a need to purchase anything. Simply adjust what you have.

Let me take you to your brush scrubber/brush machine. You will find this piece of equipment in the cleaning section or finishing section of your metal strip/coil processing line.

You may be using either a bristle brush or non-woven brush. The job of these brushes is to remove smut and iron fines. Oil removal from the metal strip surface is a secondary process also taking place in the scrubber brush machine. To the upper right, is a drawing of a bristle making contact with a flat metal strip.


Bristle Brush Pro Tip #1 Addresses 

Bristle brush pressureApplying more pressure on the brushes to the strip, means less cleaning ability of your brushes. Its maximum surface engagement happens when you compress the bush 3-5mm. Usually, we are used to applying more load/pressure/force to get more cleaning.

What do you do if that smudge will not come off right away? You apply more pressure to get the smudge off.

With a bristle brush, the only work that is being done on the metal is on the tip of the brush.

We have found many times that this may not be communicated to the operators, as we consistently find this same scenario.

“The strip is not getting clean enough, let’s increase the pressure on the brushes.” Harder does not mean better when it comes to wide face bristle brushes.  This goes for both abrasive and non-abrasive brushes.


How much is too much? Fantastic question.

Generally speaking, as all machine lines are custom in their own way, if you have a brush with a 2.5” trim length when it is brand new, 3mm is about the maximum load that should be on that brush.

In the pictures below you will see what not to do, and what you are trying to achieve.

bristle brush tip drawing. Bristle brush pressure

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Happy Brushing!


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David Thiemann – Director