Steel producers, galvanizers, and coil coaters must get the strip surface clean by getting surface oils and iron fines cleaned off the strip surface. Why? 

The surface contaminants on the substrate surface cause very costly defects leading to: 

  • quality rejects
  • coating defects 
  • process equipment issues on down the process line

Defects on the steel substrate, though small or minute are not hidden by a zinc coating. Actually are magnified by the reacting with the zinc coating.

Surface oil, smut, oxides, iron fines, and chemical cleaning residue are all required to be removed to make a clean surface for defect free coating, prevent defects, and issues from happening as the strip travels through the process line.

In the process of making flat metal, bad stuff gets on the surface, such as: oil, grease, dirt, smut, oxides, pickle residue, iron fines, etc.

APT is focused solely on being really good at getting that bad stuff off.

3 major components to clean surface metals:

  • Hydraulically
  • Mechanically 
  • Chemically

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APT is a company dedicated to innovate and modernize the cleaning process by developing process equipment and the brushes for industries producing flat metals in:

  • Carbon and stainless
  • Non-ferrous
  • Aerospace and automotive
  • Electronics

APT has built cleaning section process equipment for flat strip and sheet metal producers for over 60 years. All of our equipment is built in Germany, to our customers specifications.

We also manufacture engineered scrubber brushes that increase the brush life and the cleaning performance of the mechanical strip cleaning.

And because we build both the machines and the tools, we have a complete understanding of the process, and that is what our customers are looking for.

  • Not a machine, not a brush, but the process.
  • Dirty metal in, clean metal out, from the first mile to last foot.


If you have any questions, please call or send us an email with your questions,  and we will get you taken care of right away!


Happy Brushing!


Best Regards,

David Thiemann – Director